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Stor-n-lock is Perth’s first self storage solution.

Whether you are looking for monthly or long term storage rentals, you’ll find the 24-hour access to our clean, well illuminated facility extremely convenient. Our walls are also made of concrete, so you can be sure your property is safe and secure.

Call Brian or stop by Donaldson Shell for further information.


We are committed to providing clean, secure storage solutions that are available at any time.


Monthly and Long Term Rates
Mini Storage Rentals
24/7 Access


Please call or email to schedule an appointement.







6' X 12'
72 Square Feet
$90 / month

6' x 12' - Type of storage suggested: 
Stacked washer / dryer, patio furniture, house furniture and boxes.
Similar in size: A large walk-in.

10' X 16'
160 Square Feet
$130 / month

10' x 16' - Type of storage suggested: 
Kitchen appliances, washer / dryer, patio furniture, many boxes and furniture.
Similar size: Average size room.

10' X 20'
200 Square Feet
$150 / month

10' x 20' - Type of storage suggested: 
All appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras or a car.
Size similar to: Garage for one car.